martes, 19 de julio de 2011

That’s what pros do

In January, I…

  • Published 17 blog posts
  • Organized, promoted and conducted 4 conference calls (3 for the blog, 1 for my private Creation Tribe)
  • Processed more than 6,000 emails
  • Updated my Facebook status dozens of times
  • Tweeted hundreds of times
  • Read hundreds of posts, articles and a few books
  • Had 14 skype/phone meetings and interviews
  • Attended 5 face-to-face meetings and events,
  • Meditated, moved my body and played guitar every day
  • Ate breakfast and dinner with my family nearly every day, and…
  • Wrote 25,000 words and completed the manuscript for my next book

And, that’s not an unusual month for me.

I get asked some variation of the same question all the time:

How do you do so much?

There are tons of ways to answer that question.

I could share how I batch my activities, so while it looks like I’m all over the place, online all the time, there’s actually a bit more science to it.

I could talk about how I hyper-focus, if I’m writing or creating, how I don’t answer anyone, pick up the phone or respond to anything but emergencies.

I could reveal how my meditation creates so much clarity and fresh ideas, I literally can’t bring them all to life (I don’t get writer’s block, I get writer’s logjam)

But, truth is, I get so much done…

Because that’s what pros do.

There’s no magic to it.

There’s nothing superhuman or even exceptional about it.

Being prolific is how I earn my living.

Being ubiquitous is how I earn my living.

Building relationships, online and offline, is how I earn my living.

Helping people with whatever time I have is how I earn my living.

Listening and devouring knowledge is how I earn my living.

Solving problems and adding value is how I earn my living.

I get so much done BECAUSE IT’S MY JOB and I LOVE IT!

Tools strategies, tactics, apps and vehicles are all great.

But, it starts with being willing to hunker down.

Day in, day out, regardless of the weather.

Show up. Dig in. Own the work.

Because that’s what pros do.

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